Strong Passwords

Passwords are used to protect your online banking, eMail and many other computer/online applications. Using strong passwords is key to your online security.

A strong password should consist of a random row of characters. Randomness add complexity and complex passwords are strong passwords, stronger than passwords made up of numbers or words that can be found in a dictonary.

Passwords should also be long. If possible 14 or more characters long. As longer the password, as longer it will take to ‘crack’ your password.

Password Check List

  • Should be at least 14 characters long.
  • Make use of lower and uppercase letters.
  • Use your full keyboard, e.g. $, %, @, ^, {, ], etc.
  • Use words that can't be found in any dictionary.
  • Don't use any personal information.
  • Use different passwords for different log-ins.